Jan 30, 2009

Brithdays, Salsa and Weekend Visits

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite girls in the world!

Last night I had some Salsa...and this kind doesn't require chips!
My girl friends and I are obsessed with Salsa dancing and I must say that the Latino guys are pretty impressed with us 'American girls'.
We have a blast learning to dance and you better believe it is GREAT exercise!
The Salsa 'club' we go to every week is very classy and feels like you are walking into a great big family more than a room full of strangers.
(me salsa-ing)

There are three places to go each week. Wed, Thrus and Friday nights of each week. (we dont go to all three) Sometimes they have Saturday nights too with Professional dancers who perform.

Here is a little video of me a while back dancing to give you a taste
(I apologize about the darkness of the video...)
Salsa Fun!

My Future Hubby is coming to visit me this weekend! His will arrive sometime this evening and I am pumped! It has been 2 LONG weeks since we have seen each other. We are planning to work on wedding stuff (ie. Send our Save-the-Dates, Cake tasting, etc.)
I will let you know how it goes!!



hGb said...

thank you!!! Have fun this weekend!!

Lindsey said...

Aww cute blog!!

Miss. Pretty said...

Thanks for stopping by!!

I briefly looked at some of your archives and I'm thinking about PA school as well. Emphasize on THINKING. ha And I'm from NC.

Can't wait to read more.

Ashley said...

What an awesome blog design - the pictures are incredible!! Love it!

BLN said...

hahaha... love the 2nd picture!!

it was good to finally talk to you last night!!