Jan 12, 2009


Save. Our. Souls!

The future hubby and I have entered a contest to win free photography for our wedding. The photographer is totally adorable and I LOVE her style.
Check it out----> Smitten Photography
Smitten put on a Love Story Contest and We entered.

But there is a catch! Judges will decide on the top 3 stories. They will be placed on Smitten's blog for everyone to see THIS THURSDAY (Jan 15th).

Where you can help us: Go on Smitten's Blog and vote for our story on Thursday!
Hurry Though...there is only 24 hours to vote!

Thanks for the Help!


Hollie said...

i'm going to go and vote right now!

good luck!
ya'll are soooo adorable!

HFR said...

Thank you so much for voting!

Thursday is the day to vote...the top 3 will not be posted until then.

Thanks again!!