Jan 30, 2009

Brithdays, Salsa and Weekend Visits

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite girls in the world!

Last night I had some Salsa...and this kind doesn't require chips!
My girl friends and I are obsessed with Salsa dancing and I must say that the Latino guys are pretty impressed with us 'American girls'.
We have a blast learning to dance and you better believe it is GREAT exercise!
The Salsa 'club' we go to every week is very classy and feels like you are walking into a great big family more than a room full of strangers.
(me salsa-ing)

There are three places to go each week. Wed, Thrus and Friday nights of each week. (we dont go to all three) Sometimes they have Saturday nights too with Professional dancers who perform.

Here is a little video of me a while back dancing to give you a taste
(I apologize about the darkness of the video...)
Salsa Fun!

My Future Hubby is coming to visit me this weekend! His will arrive sometime this evening and I am pumped! It has been 2 LONG weeks since we have seen each other. We are planning to work on wedding stuff (ie. Send our Save-the-Dates, Cake tasting, etc.)
I will let you know how it goes!!


You want to do this!

She is giving away a set of adorable Lilly Pulitzer stationery!You can pick either Patchtastic [on the left] or Lillywood [on the right].

Jan 28, 2009

Thanks A Southern Girl In the City!

Thanks to:
A Southern Girl in the City
For the Honest Scrap Award!

1. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
2. Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap." Well, there's no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
3. List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

My honest facts:

1. I love Musicals. They can range from Local Green room Productions to Broadway... I love them!

2. My current Obsessions are Huge earrings and tights. My latest purchase was a pair of cheetah print tights from Stein Mart. <--- love that store! 3. I have known my fiance for 10 years and have been a couple for 8. We met in Middle School and started "going out" and dated all the way through high school. We were broken up for my freshman year of college but the future was meant for us to be together. 4. My elbows are double jointed. Not a pretty sight going through school having to raise my hand to ask a question. My arm raises crooked naturally. I used to love showing it off as a kid. Good thing I was never a cheerleader! GO TEAM would have been a bent mess. 5. I love Country music. Any kind all kinds. Jamey Johnson and Clay Walker on are on my top favs right now. My other Ear Candy is Michael Buble. I swear he got me through Organic Chemistry!

6. I am a Sucker for Cheesy Movies. ABC originals, Disney Channel and Lifetime are right up my alley. I have to basically beg and manipulate people to watch them with me.

7. I don't mind to get lost. I actually find it fun. My friends would agree that I am more than willing to take a wrong turn or drive down an unfamiliar street just so I can see where it ends up.
I have no idea why I love to waist time and gas, or annoy my passengers, but I love the adventure and it usually ends up being an unforgettable memory.

8. I love to Thrift store and Consignment Store shop. No doubt a passed down trait from my sweet momma, I cannot resist a store of forgotten treasures. I dont always have to buy something, its just the thrill of the hunt. I love to look through old jewlery and laugh at crazy styles they had back in the day. And then there are the times that kindle my flame, when I find a treasure. My mother found a slightly pair of used Black Justin Cowboy boots for $8!!! They fit my sister and I perfect!

9. Costume jewlery or none at all. (except my beautiful engagment ring, of course) Bigger the better. Big earrings, long necklaces, big fat rings and bangles are all up my ally.

10. I love to paint pottery and make jewlery. My recent creations have been 2 coffee mugs, a christmas orniment that says "our first Christmas" for next year :) and 2 rings made from turqouise. let me know if I can make something for you!

I want to pass this award to...
Carlee Joy
A Beautiful Mess
Life from the Low-land Chateau
Red Rain Boots Green Grass
Sipping Hot Tea

Jan 27, 2009


I am having so much fun planning my wedding! I met with a florist at the end of last week.
We had a fun time exchanging ideas. I was so impressed with her because it was like she was reading my mind on vision I have for my flowers.
In my Opinion, less is more for my wedding. I am using unlikely things for my "flowers" twigs and green berries are a few examples.
She was laughing when she informed me that it sounded like I wanted my Ceremony in the Garden and my reception in the woods.
See what I'm talking about:
The guys will be sporting boutonnieres made from cute little green hypericum berries.I love white Dahlia so they will be in my Bouquet along with other leaves and hypericum berries.
White Hydrangea flowers are beautiful and make for GREAT fillers!Glass Vases + Stones+ water+ floating candles= Great Table Decor!After describing what I wanted for my reception, the florist pulled out a picture and said "This sounds like you. Is this your vision?" I began to smile. "EXACTLY!"

This planning stuff is EXPENSIVE and can be stressful, but I love to consult with all the vendors and be "business woman". I love all the different options and to be able to express myself on one of the most, if not the most, Important day of my and my fiance's life!

Jan 26, 2009

Marvelous Monday

Mondays maybe me my new favorite day. I only have one class and it starts at 10am.

I did and am going to do a few fun things today:
1. I got up this morning before class and ran 2miles (this only reassured how out of shape I am)
2. My hair is behaving and some pestering bumps on my face have cleared away.
3. I put on my huge gold ball earrings and my skinny jeans
4. I am going to go birthday present shopping for a dear friend AGH (don't even think about asking what it is!)
5. I am going to make some coffee and read my book later on
6. '24' Comes on tonight!

It is nice to finally have my Mondays back.

Jan 23, 2009

...About three things I was absolutely positive...

I am quickly becoming my mother in that I am reading books all the time! Once I finish one novel I feel the need to read another.

I am new to this whole Twlight series, but have absolutely fallen in love.
Reedeming Love by Francine Rivers is still my #1 fav but Stephenie Myer has definitely strummed a heart string.
I am also half way done with the popular book by William P Young "The Shack". There has been so much controversy over this book. I can't seem to see (at least not so far) how this book could hit so many nerves. It is a fictional book meant to encourage and inspire.

Can anyone recommend another good book for me?

Jan 20, 2009

*let it snow*

If you are like me, then you are disappointed in the amount of snowfall that happened last night. I was hoping to wake up to a beautiful white blanket and instead only woke to see white splotches on cars and only on the grass that is mostly hugging around trees.

The last semester of my undergrad officially starts tomorrow! In four months I will be a college graduate and two months away from being a wife.

These next months ahead are going to be some of the most important times in my life.
I am praying for a few things...
1. That I am gracious, loving and king through this whole process
2. That I finish school with a bang and ready to start a new chapter.
3. That the Lord will open doors for my clinical experience and PA school.

Jan 16, 2009


well as you know my sweet momma took me wedding dress shopping yesterday. My sister came along as well which was a sweet treat. We had appointments at two places... Anjolique Bridal and Poffie girls.

I tired on about a total of ten dresses and I think we struck gold. It is totally different than what I thought I would wear but I was pleasantly surprised.

For some reason, Today I feel like I should say Happy New Year! Thats only because I am headed back to school today. I have told myself "no complaining" because of my five-almost 6- week break. Still its always hard to leave family, friends and of course Jordan.

I still have a lot of planning to do and have to be wise about my time management this semester.

Jan 14, 2009

so its a no go

OK...so I got an email today saying that future hubby and I did not get picked to be in the top 3 stories....so unfortunately there will be no need to vote tomorrow.

no worries...
back to the drawing board.

Thank you so much for you support and love!
we love you!

Jan 12, 2009


Save. Our. Souls!

The future hubby and I have entered a contest to win free photography for our wedding. The photographer is totally adorable and I LOVE her style.
Check it out----> Smitten Photography
Smitten put on a Love Story Contest and We entered.

But there is a catch! Judges will decide on the top 3 stories. They will be placed on Smitten's blog for everyone to see THIS THURSDAY (Jan 15th).

Where you can help us: Go on Smitten's Blog and vote for our story on Thursday!
Hurry Though...there is only 24 hours to vote!

Thanks for the Help!

Jan 11, 2009

Season 8 Premiere!

The 2 hour Season 8 Premiere of 24 starts tonight!
I don't know if I have any fellow 24 fans...but if I do, I am sure you share my excitement for this show to be airing again.
If you are not a 24 fan, WATCH TONIGHT! The show is based on a 24 hour period. Each show shows you what happens in one hour of the day in exact time. So there are a total of 24 episodes to show the 1 full day. Watch it and you will be hooked.

Jan 10, 2009

suprise date!

Yesterday my Fiance called me right after he got off work. He had asked me through a text earlier in the day if I would go on a date with him later in the evening. I thought it was so cute he was asking me on a date. I said Yes of course. I asked him what we were going to do. His words exactly " I'm not going to tell you!" YAY I love surprises! He picked me up from my house and we went to eat at our favorite Japanese restaurant. We then headed on to town and pulled into target (I was excited enough about that). He told me that we were going to register for our wedding! It was sooo much fun!! -and exhausting- He was so adorable scanning everything insight. I am super excited about some mixing bowls and the TV! We got home and checked our resistry online and I was suprised to see some halarious things...Valentine stickers from the Dollar Spot (we stoped to say hello to someone and he must of scanned behind my back), Pajamas (we were walking by and he wanted to see if he could scan while in motion). We had a blast. We are also going to regisiter at Bed Bath and Beyond and Belk.

Jan 9, 2009

so excited!

Mom and I are attending the Wedding Festival tomorrow in Asheville.
I am so excited to be called and answer to "the Bride" all day long.
I have a meeting with a vendor for the ceremony and reception and I hope to get some Ideas for my flowers.

I also must admit that I did a little online window shopping this morning.
Here are some of my favorite finds...

Cotton cady Erica dress from J.Crew

I'm thinking this will be a sweet little change after the wedding for the reception...maybe with a little cowboy boot flare??

Grenada palm pleated halter dress from J.Crew

how cute would this dress be with a dinner out with the hubby on the honeymoon?

Giraffe-print short from J.Crew

Well these are just adorable for everyday...but tan legs in the Caribbean would be perfect!

Jan 6, 2009

-taking a breath-

The holiday season that I was so anxious for all of 2008 has come and gone and we are well into 2009!

My new year resolutions:
1. Drink H2O! (no more soda or sweet tea)
2. Limit Sugary food. I'm gonna train my sweet tooth!
3. Finish planning my August Wedding

SO...the new season of the Bachelor came on last night. Jason is Beautiful, Shannon gets on my nerves already, and my favorite right now is Jillian even though she pulled the hot dog stunt. That is definitely going to be a 2009 regular for me.

Movies I want to see in 2009:
Mall Cop
Bride Wars
Confessions of a Shopaholic
The Proposal

Happy 2009!