Jul 31, 2011

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Jul 30, 2011

Rag Ball

One GREAT thing about Alex. County are the fundraiser rag ball tourneys in the summer.
Families who have a tragedy usually will host a tourney to raise money for their loved ones honorary scholarships or to pay medical bills. It really is amazing to see everyones support.
3-4 straight weekends of playing ball with about 12-15 teams playing each weekend.
OK. I am so over it already. 13hrs of STRAIGHT play time today is RIDICULOUS. Started @ 8am and finished @ 9pm. shew-wee.
The rules are very similar to slow pitch co-ed softball if that helps any with the explanation of what Rag ball is in the first place.
Softball of any kind in this county is super competitive. From State titles to a pick up game, there are gonna be tempers flaring. I mean really, Rednecks with a bat and ball...you can do the math. In the middle of a heated game our precious 4month preggo 3rd baseman yells out "We need to start passing out the Xanax!!" 4months preggy and playing ball! She even laid out for a line drive and made the play! That kid has no chance of a non-competitive future.
Well think of me and mr. H tomorrow. Every muscle in my body is going to be screaming mercy. Bless. I am already feeling parts of my body I forgot I had.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday.

Blessings and Peace on you and your family

Jul 27, 2011

what a day it has been

wow. what a glorious day.

First off, I am now swimming with my grandmother 4 days a week. 6am. up and at em @ 5 to make sure I make it on time for our "swim date" which by the way has been so much fun! I am the youngest by probably 30 yrs and am starting to catch on to my swim buddies hilarious sense of humor. I even wore a shower cap with rollers underneath yesterday. oh yes I did.

well TODAY swimming went great. I felt like I got a great workout in. When I finished my shower and started getting ready for work I suddenly went into panic mode. I realized I didn't have my BRA! I left that stupid boob holder at home. GAH! I had to make a quick decision. One of the locker room ladies mentioned over my shoulder that I should go wild and go free. bahaha. Not with these twin girls. Not a chance. So I decide to make a pit stop at wally world and get a new sports bra. Yeah a sports bra. I can use that when I get on the treadmill sometime soon. *wink* Well off I go. Secure in my decision to go get a new bra, I jump into Janet the Jeep and crank. nothing. Crank. NOTHING. Oh my Lord. really? REALLY?? Just chill. Pray. Chill. Finally Janet decided to cooperate and she cranked right up. Shew-wee. I make it to town and decide that I am not going to waste anytime in the "W" store and to go straight into work not look at anyone and just head straight to the bathroom to change. Ooooh no. I walk in and I have patients waiting on me. Ok. Quick think now. I try to postion myself so that my shirt hangs off of my chest so you cant really tell I dont have on MUCH needed support. FINALLY I get a few seconds and excuse myself to the ladies room. I come back much relieved and surprisingly comfy in my new sports bra and get back to my patients. Well here he comes. Mr. B. Quite spry for a upper 80s gentlemen. Usually overly flirty and touchy feely. Tall, slender and hunched over (He tries to look taller than he is though when he comes to my station). We engage in the normal convo, weather, family, the d@!* wait he had to endure for the lab. BUT it had to be TODAY. Oh yes. Mr. B casually said, " Honey, you really need to stop eating so much. I can tell you have put on a few pounds. You know, gained some weight" WHAT THA *@%&*^(*&^%#$%! Instead of punching out an old man, which I had a slipt millisecond thought to do just that, I chuckled lightly and said " Yes I have noticed. I really dont like to be reminded of the obvious thank you." He didn't really catch my drift and just continued with his usual babble. I guess I should just take a hint. Which brings be back around to that whole 6am swimming thing. I must remember that dang bra in the morning.

Guess what? My dad is headed over right now to pass along a letter that came in the mail.
JURY DUTY. Figures.

Hope you had a better one than me.

Jul 24, 2011

11 months ago!

whoa. I havent blogged in Exactly 11 months. dang girl get with it!

Well synopsis time.
3 friends have been married. 4 friends are preggo. puppys have grown.
Me? well, I'm about to celebrate two years with my amazing hubby, making jewelry, still applying for school and waiting for babies for just a little while longer. *wink*

Hannahs Handmades is still going strong!
Check us out! There is a great Facebook Summer give-away going on RIGHT now!

Glad to be Back!