Jul 30, 2011

Rag Ball

One GREAT thing about Alex. County are the fundraiser rag ball tourneys in the summer.
Families who have a tragedy usually will host a tourney to raise money for their loved ones honorary scholarships or to pay medical bills. It really is amazing to see everyones support.
3-4 straight weekends of playing ball with about 12-15 teams playing each weekend.
OK. I am so over it already. 13hrs of STRAIGHT play time today is RIDICULOUS. Started @ 8am and finished @ 9pm. shew-wee.
The rules are very similar to slow pitch co-ed softball if that helps any with the explanation of what Rag ball is in the first place.
Softball of any kind in this county is super competitive. From State titles to a pick up game, there are gonna be tempers flaring. I mean really, Rednecks with a bat and ball...you can do the math. In the middle of a heated game our precious 4month preggo 3rd baseman yells out "We need to start passing out the Xanax!!" 4months preggy and playing ball! She even laid out for a line drive and made the play! That kid has no chance of a non-competitive future.
Well think of me and mr. H tomorrow. Every muscle in my body is going to be screaming mercy. Bless. I am already feeling parts of my body I forgot I had.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday.

Blessings and Peace on you and your family

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