Jul 31, 2009

Almost a Mrs.

Tomorrow I will be Mrs. Hefner!!!

<---- Last time for these

my new monogram
I'll write back after Jamaica <3>

Jul 24, 2009

Get Ready!

Get ready everyone...

There will be a post-honeymoon Giveaway!!!

I will be hosting a giveaway for an item selected from the precious Lauries Lagniappe site.

Be on the lookout and get your fingers ready to enter!
...in the meantime...
Check out the website and fall in love <3


Jul 18, 2009

so close to here comes the bride

2 weeks away.
9 months sure did fly by!

We are almost completely ready for this shin dig. exciting!

I had my bridal portraits this past Sunday and I cannot wait to get this pictures back!!

I had the ultimate honor of having a extremely talented lady, also my dear friend, do my bridal portraits. It was a blast. I was able to relax, be myself and have a great time.
Check her out @ http://www.ceruleanphotography.info/

I'll just say that there was a chair involved, me up on a hay bail at one point, and in the middle of the woods at another.

Goals for today:
Tea Lights
Cookie Jars
Extra Vases
White Chinese Lanterns (maybe)
White CD Sleeves(using them as envelopes for the cookie bar)

Wish us luck!


Jul 11, 2009

Ceremony Music

I am using the Sound track from P&P, one of my favorite movies

Oh. Guess what? I bought hair extensions. I am so excited to use them for the wedding.

Bridal Portraits tomorrow!

Jul 6, 2009

decisions made!

I finally made some wedding decisions.

accessories and favors.

my earrings are handmade by TT Trends.

we are going to do a homemade cookie bar.
yummy cookies made from the very special women in our lives.

Headed with my grandmother tomorrow to pick up my dress! yipeee :)
Bridal portraits are this weekend and I am pumped.
ceruleanphotography will be doing the honors (and I am honored for her to do it!)

only a week and 1/2 left to work this summer,

Jul 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Its Official.
I am a terrible blogger.


So many things have happened!

We had a blast in Florida!!
Sandy Toes, Sunburns and nights out were the theme for the week.
my future sister-in-law and me.

We are a month away from the wedding and there is so much to do still.

*Ceremony programs
*Bridal Portraits
*Order Favors
and a few other odds and ends

I am so excited about tomorrow ( well today its 1 in the morning) lol

4th of July!Our tradition is always to go out on the lake and stay out until it is dark to watch the fireworks.
I love to go out on the boat and share the freedom of our country a ton of rednecks. haha.

What are your 4th traditions?

Happy Celebrating :)