Dec 29, 2009

Winston Salem Week

Mr. H and I, along with his whole family are currently sitting in the surgical family waiting room at Baptist Hospital in Winston, NC. We have set up "camp" with snacks, games and of course our laptops. We plan to be in and out of the hospital all week.

His dad is in surgery to fix a aneurysm that was found in his Kidney about a month ago after he suffered a 2month kidney stone.
We are expecting a 3-6hr waiting period and are anxious to see if everything went well.

Please be praying for dad-in-law and the rest of our family.


Dec 15, 2009

unexpected kindness

...will definitely put a person in the holiday spirit...I was out n' about yesterday running errands and 'restocking' for my small jewelry business.
I was rushing around and almost on the brink of being totally stressed out. As I was attempting to leave one of my first stops of the day, I packed the packages in my car and tried to crank it. would not crank.
I couldn't get a hold of Mr. H and I was starting to panic. My jeep has had a recent history of acting up, so my mind was racing trying to figure out my dilemma. I got out of my car and lifted the hood to see if there were any obvious warning signs (hoping they would jump out at me b/c I haven't the slightest clue on what to do with cars).
There was a man waiting in a car a couple of spots over. I walked over to him and asked if he had jumper cables. He said he did not, but without hesitation he got out, rummaged through a bag in his car and brought out tools. Fixed a couple of things under the hood of my jeep and now she runs like new!
With tears in my eyes, all I could say was "Thank you, Merry Christmas!"
Totally put my day yesterday and the Holiday season perspective in check.

Thank you Lord for sending me someone to remind me what Christmas is about. Selfless giving. Of yourself and of ourselves to others.


Dec 8, 2009

Tuesday Tactic

ok so I didn't mean to lie....

I am NOT done with all my Christmas Shopping. I still have to get Mr. H's Gifts!

Sister is going with me today to get a few errands done and to try to tackle the last of my Christmas Shopping list.

SO...I made a List to try to make today go smooth.

it looks something like this and in order of the stores we will come to first

Bisque&Beads(for me)
Old Navy
AC Moore(for me)
Sams Club
Sallys Beauty Supply(for me)
Michaels(for me)

Ok so a few places are for me :) oh well.

Here's to a attempt to a smooth Christmas shopping day


Dec 5, 2009

Busy Saturday

Wish Me Luck and Say a Prayer...

I have the ASPT National Certification Exam this morning.

Mr. H is driving to the exam and afterwards we are headed up to Newland,NC (where there is 100% chance of snow) for my cousins birthday.

I just want this test out of the way and on our way to see beautiful mountain snow!

Who else is gonna see snow today???
Stay warm!


Nov 30, 2009

monday morning madness

Happy Monday and Last day of November!

This morning started out like any other day, resistant to getting out of bed and my hair looking like Mr. H gave me a head nuggy during the night.

I did get up, threw on a sweat shirt and headed to the kitchen to fix us our morning oatmeal.
Oatmeal fixing went well and we proceeded to the living room to watch the Early Show like we always do.

While in motion of sitting down on the couch, my arm somehow hit the spoon in the bowl. The spoon flipped up in the air sending HOT oatmeal all over my sweatshirt, floor, coffee table and leg!
Screaming I raked all the oatmeal off my leg into the floor and ran to the bathroom. Mr. H ran after me and got a wet washcloth to help clean me up.

total chaos.

Well the house is cleaned up but my poor thigh has burn blisters from the stupid oatmeal!
I think we may turn to another,safer, breakfast food for awhile. at least until my clumsiness wears off.

I have jewelry shows everyday this week so today is all about making jewelry!
I am also making bath towel I will me a busy bee today.

Until next time,

Nov 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

i love thanksgiving cartoons...
...they are so cute!

This year I am thankful for:
my friend and Savior Jesus Christ
My wonderful husband
my loving family
my dear friends
a warm cozy house
my job
puppy Sadie
my little jewelry business
and so much more!

I am so richly blessed...

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Nov 23, 2009

i did it...

I saw New Moon!

with my Momma and sister...

...and it was wonderful!

I attempted to read the Twlight series and stopped a few chapters into the second book, New Moon. I know the books are SO much better than the movies, so now I want to read the book!

Can you believe that this week is Thanksgiving!?!
I am so excited :)

Mr. H and I went and purchased the last few Christmas decor items yesterday and are busting to put everything up!

We got:
A pretty pre-light Wreath
4' Porch Christmas trees
Candles for each window
Light hangers to put up lights on the house
a few more ornaments

AND I made a light-up present from a wire box. I put ornaments in it and stuffed it with Christmas lights. When you plug the lights in, then the "present" lights up!
Makes a beautiful corner Christmas piece :)

love yall,

Nov 15, 2009


after all my wavering....

I am getting the flu shots.
Both. Seasonal flu and the H1N1.

I know some of you are getting them or already have had them, and some of you are not. I truly believe either decision is OK.

I am getting Holiday fever so fast! I am shocked and proud to announce that Mr. H and I have FINISHED our Christmas shopping. ha! He had a day off for veterans day and we went crazy and knocked it all out.

It has taken every fiber of strength to not go in to the spare bedroom and wrap all of those presents and have them waiting on our tree. You bet that the day after thanksgiving that we are going to get a tree and decorate our house with Christmas music blaring.

I am so excited for Turkey and then mistletoe!!!


Nov 9, 2009

i forgot to mention...

I got the Job!

you know, the one I was interviewing for a couple of weeks ago when my car decided to die on the way there...yeah, that one!

I started last week and love it!

Praise the Lord for being able to find a job and getting the opportunity to work!

I am also mass producing my handmade jewelry called hannahs handmades and selling it on my days off (since I dont work everyday of the week)
Check out my jewelry blog.

happy monday,

Nov 5, 2009

happy Birthday BFF

Happy Birthday Brit!

wishing you a wonderful birthday and wishing for us to have many more memory making moments together!


Nov 4, 2009

im wondering this wednesday

...if i should get the flu shot after all...
I have had some skepticism, and the more i read and watch the news, the more i consider skipping it this year.

This is just one of the devastating videos i have seen.

What do you think?
Have you had the flu shots?


Oct 31, 2009

happy halloween

happy halloween

yes. ridiculous i know. but i couldnt resist....its HALLOWEEN!

Rainy, miserable morning golf trip with hubs.
Potato soup in the crockpot.
visiting with sweet momma and sister.
making jewelry.
Friends coming over.
scary movie.

Yes. A wonderful Halloween.

Happy Halloween:)

Oct 26, 2009

birthday weekend

First of job interview on Thursday went great! I am expecting a call back anytime this week!

BUT getting to my interview was a totally different story.

My interview was 20 min away from our house and I needed to be there @ 2pm.
I left our house @ 1pm with plans to get gas and pick up a few things from the grocery store.

WELL 15 min in route and basically on the ramp to get on the interstate my jeep DIED! I mean totally shut off and would not cooperate. It was a night mare! I looked at my watch and it was already 1:20pm. Hubby and Mom work at school and sometime cant get to their cell phones and neither were picking up. Finally Hubs called back! SHEW! He had to leave school and come and get me. In the meantime, 3...count them, 3 state troopers passed me and didn't even look up or offer help! know that I was stuck in the middle of the road and blocking all kinds of traffic trying to get on the interstate. Finally this nice man in a tow truck was passing by on the opposite side and stopped to ask if I had any help. I said NO. He pulled behind me and came and got my jeep to roll backwards and get enough speed to pull it up on the median. SO NICE! I called 911 and informed them of my car and asked them to make a note of it so it wouldn't get towed!!!
Hubby arrived about 1:50 and raced me to my interview. I was there on time and with a smile on my face. They will never know what happened and what it took for me to get there! haha. Thank you sweet hubby!!!

Sushi for lunch Friday was fabulous and a blast!

the ladies that Hubby teaches with, took us out for our birthday on Friday

Saturday(our birthday) was a dream!
We had friends over for breakfast and had a big meal together! we sat around the dining room table and sat on the front porch and just relaxed. Later that morning, hubs and I visited his dad and then came back home to carve pumpkins!

we carved polka-dot pumpkins!
Sadie baby was worn out from the pumpkin carving festivities.

We roasted the pumpkin seeds and cuddled around watching a movie until time to get ready for our dinner at Carrabbas with my dad and sisters. My youngest sister and her boyfriend came back to our house and watched a movie and then she spent the night. *sigh* It was a wonderful way to turn 23! Hubs is 24 now:)

I wish everyone a great week getting ready for Halloween! excited for this weekend to come too!


Oct 22, 2009

making progress

I have a job interview today!
I am so excited to be so close to having a job. so if you seen this before 2pm today, say a little prayer for me!

Saturday is my birthday....and....hubs birthday too!

Happy Birthday to US

Plans are up in the air. I originally wanted to go to the NC state fair and see Blake Shelton in concert, but that its a 3 hr drive. SOO...who knows!?!

I admitted my selfishness in last post about secretly not wanting to plan something for hubs in hopes that he will plan something for me...*shame shame* BUT i do want to do something.

We are going out for sushi for lunch on Friday.
Surprise him Friday at work with cupcakes?

Saturday (birthday) we are going to carve pumpkins, see family, and go out to dinner together.

I am excited about our birthday weekend. I love my hubby and love sharing celebrating our birthday together!

p.s. i'm loving this beautiful weather!


Oct 15, 2009


Thank you so much to the sweet Meg @ Southern Pathways for giving me this award! Check out Megs Blog, She is simply adorable!
Now it is my honor and duty to award 7 kreativ bloggies!

I am awarding:
Crazy Shenanigans
Rockin Robyn
Carlee & Jared
La Belle Vie
Thinking out Loud
To while away the time

Here are the Rules:

1.) Thank the person who gave this to you!
2.) Copy the logo and place it in your blog!
3.) Link the person who nominated you!
4.) Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.
5.) Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6.) Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7.) Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them!
Seven things none of you wouldn't really know...

NOW 7 things about Me:

1. i love board games...all kinds at any time
2. i am a cheesy movie watcher
3. i have an obsession with (check it out!)
4. my hubby and i have the same birthday and it's really hard to plan a surprise b/c i secretly want him to be planning me one!
5. my mother is the strongest, wisest and most lovely person i know. I aspire to have her determination and strength.
6. i really want to become a good cook.
7. i am scared of the dark (seriously)

Now pass this award on ladies!

tomorrow is FRIDAY!


Oct 12, 2009

a week in review

it's already monday again? sheesh.
maybe last week went by with a flash because I hardly sat down.

Last week I finished up my phlebotomy class with my last week of clinicals. I can say that I am officially a phlebotomist. Now the tricky part...finding a job. I have applied at a few hospitals and doctors offices and now I just have to wait to hear back. I know the Lord has a plan for my future, it is difficult have faith in that knowledge though. I will rest in the fact that He loves me and has a promising future for me!
What a weekend hubs and I had!
Friday: Highschool Homecoming Football game
Littlest Sister was the freshman representative for the homecoming court!
I know that I am Bias, but I think that my ole' highschool does homecoming so classy.

the girls are required to wear black or navy suits. It can be pants or skirts, but it has to be a suit. The girls are escorted by their fathers or honorary man. there are 2 reps for each of the fresh, sopho and junior classes and 13 reps for the senior class. Only the seniors can win queen and that is voted on by the entire student body.

ROTC provides a tunnel with their swords and the girls line up with their escort and are introduced and walked in.

Each girl, all 19 of them, have a pre-game introduction. Each of them have a convertible that parades around the track around the field and are introduced before the game.
Sister the the last one with the skirt on.

Me. Littlest Sister. Sister.

It was beautiful weather and great fun...
Oh and our football team won!

Saturday: Errands with sweet momma while hubs played golf.

-Bought scrubs (yes for when i get a job) from Read's Uniforms.
-Goodwill treasure hunted and found 2 scrubs shirts that were surprisingly cute and clean!
found a picture frame and a silky shirt.
-Went to Bath and Body to find my Pumpkin Spice wall flower...they don't carry that scent anymore!! I have to decide what scent I want now.

Sunday: Church with Hubby.
Brunch at Bojangles.
Sunday Football. Glad the Panthers finally won but sad the Redskins lost (for hubs sake).
We had family over last night for dinner and football and we had a blast spending time together.

I also Attempted my first Pound cake....FAIL! haha
It really had a good taste, but didn't have the texture of pound cake and fell apart when I took it out of the pan. Oh well. Try Try again.

I still have a mound, literally, of dishes to do. joy. joy.

have a great monday!

Oct 3, 2009

Happy Brithday to my Blog

Happy 1 Year to my Blog!

This Year will be full of new memories as a new wife!
Cant wait to share it all!

Happy Weekend,

Sep 26, 2009

my new heart beat

I wasn't all about the extremely sweet drinks, and I desperately needed to branch away from the original pikes place brew that I could doctor up on my own, so I told the Starbucks guy behind the counter my dilemma and he made me the perfect drink!

Starbucks white chocolate Mocha
ordered grande, hot with 1 1/2 pumps of syrup

the perfect sweetness and creaminess and happiness for this girl

cant wait for my coffee date with littlest sister tomorrow afternoon.
Guess what I am going to order??

What is your favorite coffee drink?


Sep 17, 2009

bling bling

I am in love with my wedding set (thanks hubs) so you would think that my diamond fetish would be over now that I can wear them anytime I want...but its not.

I was going through my grandma's jewelry box (i love her antique stuff) and I found a diamond cluster ring. I fell in love. I love the look, the antique feel, and I want one!

I know that diamond clusters used to be "the style" back in the day...
what do you think about this style now?
tell me your thoughts.

much love,

Sep 16, 2009