Oct 12, 2009

a week in review

it's already monday again? sheesh.
maybe last week went by with a flash because I hardly sat down.

Last week I finished up my phlebotomy class with my last week of clinicals. I can say that I am officially a phlebotomist. Now the tricky part...finding a job. I have applied at a few hospitals and doctors offices and now I just have to wait to hear back. I know the Lord has a plan for my future, it is difficult have faith in that knowledge though. I will rest in the fact that He loves me and has a promising future for me!
What a weekend hubs and I had!
Friday: Highschool Homecoming Football game
Littlest Sister was the freshman representative for the homecoming court!
I know that I am Bias, but I think that my ole' highschool does homecoming so classy.

the girls are required to wear black or navy suits. It can be pants or skirts, but it has to be a suit. The girls are escorted by their fathers or honorary man. there are 2 reps for each of the fresh, sopho and junior classes and 13 reps for the senior class. Only the seniors can win queen and that is voted on by the entire student body.

ROTC provides a tunnel with their swords and the girls line up with their escort and are introduced and walked in.

Each girl, all 19 of them, have a pre-game introduction. Each of them have a convertible that parades around the track around the field and are introduced before the game.
Sister the the last one with the skirt on.

Me. Littlest Sister. Sister.

It was beautiful weather and great fun...
Oh and our football team won!

Saturday: Errands with sweet momma while hubs played golf.

-Bought scrubs (yes for when i get a job) from Read's Uniforms.
-Goodwill treasure hunted and found 2 scrubs shirts that were surprisingly cute and clean!
found a picture frame and a silky shirt.
-Went to Bath and Body to find my Pumpkin Spice wall flower...they don't carry that scent anymore!! I have to decide what scent I want now.

Sunday: Church with Hubby.
Brunch at Bojangles.
Sunday Football. Glad the Panthers finally won but sad the Redskins lost (for hubs sake).
We had family over last night for dinner and football and we had a blast spending time together.

I also Attempted my first Pound cake....FAIL! haha
It really had a good taste, but didn't have the texture of pound cake and fell apart when I took it out of the pan. Oh well. Try Try again.

I still have a mound, literally, of dishes to do. joy. joy.

have a great monday!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

The pound cake doesn't look sooo bad!

Meg said...

Look like ya'll had fun! And sometimes it just takes practice when making cakes... I know I've had plenty of trial and error!

I left something for you on my blog!