Dec 29, 2009

Winston Salem Week

Mr. H and I, along with his whole family are currently sitting in the surgical family waiting room at Baptist Hospital in Winston, NC. We have set up "camp" with snacks, games and of course our laptops. We plan to be in and out of the hospital all week.

His dad is in surgery to fix a aneurysm that was found in his Kidney about a month ago after he suffered a 2month kidney stone.
We are expecting a 3-6hr waiting period and are anxious to see if everything went well.

Please be praying for dad-in-law and the rest of our family.


Dec 15, 2009

unexpected kindness

...will definitely put a person in the holiday spirit...I was out n' about yesterday running errands and 'restocking' for my small jewelry business.
I was rushing around and almost on the brink of being totally stressed out. As I was attempting to leave one of my first stops of the day, I packed the packages in my car and tried to crank it. would not crank.
I couldn't get a hold of Mr. H and I was starting to panic. My jeep has had a recent history of acting up, so my mind was racing trying to figure out my dilemma. I got out of my car and lifted the hood to see if there were any obvious warning signs (hoping they would jump out at me b/c I haven't the slightest clue on what to do with cars).
There was a man waiting in a car a couple of spots over. I walked over to him and asked if he had jumper cables. He said he did not, but without hesitation he got out, rummaged through a bag in his car and brought out tools. Fixed a couple of things under the hood of my jeep and now she runs like new!
With tears in my eyes, all I could say was "Thank you, Merry Christmas!"
Totally put my day yesterday and the Holiday season perspective in check.

Thank you Lord for sending me someone to remind me what Christmas is about. Selfless giving. Of yourself and of ourselves to others.


Dec 8, 2009

Tuesday Tactic

ok so I didn't mean to lie....

I am NOT done with all my Christmas Shopping. I still have to get Mr. H's Gifts!

Sister is going with me today to get a few errands done and to try to tackle the last of my Christmas Shopping list.

SO...I made a List to try to make today go smooth.

it looks something like this and in order of the stores we will come to first

Bisque&Beads(for me)
Old Navy
AC Moore(for me)
Sams Club
Sallys Beauty Supply(for me)
Michaels(for me)

Ok so a few places are for me :) oh well.

Here's to a attempt to a smooth Christmas shopping day


Dec 5, 2009

Busy Saturday

Wish Me Luck and Say a Prayer...

I have the ASPT National Certification Exam this morning.

Mr. H is driving to the exam and afterwards we are headed up to Newland,NC (where there is 100% chance of snow) for my cousins birthday.

I just want this test out of the way and on our way to see beautiful mountain snow!

Who else is gonna see snow today???
Stay warm!