Nov 30, 2009

monday morning madness

Happy Monday and Last day of November!

This morning started out like any other day, resistant to getting out of bed and my hair looking like Mr. H gave me a head nuggy during the night.

I did get up, threw on a sweat shirt and headed to the kitchen to fix us our morning oatmeal.
Oatmeal fixing went well and we proceeded to the living room to watch the Early Show like we always do.

While in motion of sitting down on the couch, my arm somehow hit the spoon in the bowl. The spoon flipped up in the air sending HOT oatmeal all over my sweatshirt, floor, coffee table and leg!
Screaming I raked all the oatmeal off my leg into the floor and ran to the bathroom. Mr. H ran after me and got a wet washcloth to help clean me up.

total chaos.

Well the house is cleaned up but my poor thigh has burn blisters from the stupid oatmeal!
I think we may turn to another,safer, breakfast food for awhile. at least until my clumsiness wears off.

I have jewelry shows everyday this week so today is all about making jewelry!
I am also making bath towel I will me a busy bee today.

Until next time,

Nov 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

i love thanksgiving cartoons...
...they are so cute!

This year I am thankful for:
my friend and Savior Jesus Christ
My wonderful husband
my loving family
my dear friends
a warm cozy house
my job
puppy Sadie
my little jewelry business
and so much more!

I am so richly blessed...

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Nov 23, 2009

i did it...

I saw New Moon!

with my Momma and sister...

...and it was wonderful!

I attempted to read the Twlight series and stopped a few chapters into the second book, New Moon. I know the books are SO much better than the movies, so now I want to read the book!

Can you believe that this week is Thanksgiving!?!
I am so excited :)

Mr. H and I went and purchased the last few Christmas decor items yesterday and are busting to put everything up!

We got:
A pretty pre-light Wreath
4' Porch Christmas trees
Candles for each window
Light hangers to put up lights on the house
a few more ornaments

AND I made a light-up present from a wire box. I put ornaments in it and stuffed it with Christmas lights. When you plug the lights in, then the "present" lights up!
Makes a beautiful corner Christmas piece :)

love yall,

Nov 15, 2009


after all my wavering....

I am getting the flu shots.
Both. Seasonal flu and the H1N1.

I know some of you are getting them or already have had them, and some of you are not. I truly believe either decision is OK.

I am getting Holiday fever so fast! I am shocked and proud to announce that Mr. H and I have FINISHED our Christmas shopping. ha! He had a day off for veterans day and we went crazy and knocked it all out.

It has taken every fiber of strength to not go in to the spare bedroom and wrap all of those presents and have them waiting on our tree. You bet that the day after thanksgiving that we are going to get a tree and decorate our house with Christmas music blaring.

I am so excited for Turkey and then mistletoe!!!


Nov 9, 2009

i forgot to mention...

I got the Job!

you know, the one I was interviewing for a couple of weeks ago when my car decided to die on the way there...yeah, that one!

I started last week and love it!

Praise the Lord for being able to find a job and getting the opportunity to work!

I am also mass producing my handmade jewelry called hannahs handmades and selling it on my days off (since I dont work everyday of the week)
Check out my jewelry blog.

happy monday,

Nov 5, 2009

happy Birthday BFF

Happy Birthday Brit!

wishing you a wonderful birthday and wishing for us to have many more memory making moments together!


Nov 4, 2009

im wondering this wednesday

...if i should get the flu shot after all...
I have had some skepticism, and the more i read and watch the news, the more i consider skipping it this year.

This is just one of the devastating videos i have seen.

What do you think?
Have you had the flu shots?