Nov 23, 2009

i did it...

I saw New Moon!

with my Momma and sister...

...and it was wonderful!

I attempted to read the Twlight series and stopped a few chapters into the second book, New Moon. I know the books are SO much better than the movies, so now I want to read the book!

Can you believe that this week is Thanksgiving!?!
I am so excited :)

Mr. H and I went and purchased the last few Christmas decor items yesterday and are busting to put everything up!

We got:
A pretty pre-light Wreath
4' Porch Christmas trees
Candles for each window
Light hangers to put up lights on the house
a few more ornaments

AND I made a light-up present from a wire box. I put ornaments in it and stuffed it with Christmas lights. When you plug the lights in, then the "present" lights up!
Makes a beautiful corner Christmas piece :)

love yall,


Haley Dawn said...

I'm jealous! FH and I don't have any Christmas ornaments at all.... I guess we need some.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Glad you enjoyed the movie. I love to decorate for the holidays but for some reason I always dread doing the outside. It seems to take so much more energy!