Sep 26, 2009

my new heart beat

I wasn't all about the extremely sweet drinks, and I desperately needed to branch away from the original pikes place brew that I could doctor up on my own, so I told the Starbucks guy behind the counter my dilemma and he made me the perfect drink!

Starbucks white chocolate Mocha
ordered grande, hot with 1 1/2 pumps of syrup

the perfect sweetness and creaminess and happiness for this girl

cant wait for my coffee date with littlest sister tomorrow afternoon.
Guess what I am going to order??

What is your favorite coffee drink?


Sep 17, 2009

bling bling

I am in love with my wedding set (thanks hubs) so you would think that my diamond fetish would be over now that I can wear them anytime I want...but its not.

I was going through my grandma's jewelry box (i love her antique stuff) and I found a diamond cluster ring. I fell in love. I love the look, the antique feel, and I want one!

I know that diamond clusters used to be "the style" back in the day...
what do you think about this style now?
tell me your thoughts.

much love,

Sep 16, 2009

Sep 13, 2009

Sep 11, 2009

feels like fall

im so happy...

fabulous friday feels like fall

...and it is so lovely


Remember Sept 11, 20018 years ago today, our country experienced a tragedy that will forever be in the hearts and minds of Americans. Take a moment today to pray for the families that have to relive the loss of loved ones and for our government officials who need wisdom, guidance and direction.

have a splendid weekend bloggies

Sep 7, 2009


goodbye long weekend filled with cookouts, family, friends. goodbye shopping trips with hubby, playing with puppy sadie and front porch rocking. goodbye to not studying and choosing to bake brownies instead. goodbye fish fry, campfires, roasting marsh mellows, yard golf, corn hole and catch phrase. Good bye Labor day weekend. See you next year.

hello reality.

Sep 3, 2009

a sticky business

I am officially done with my second week of the phlebotomy program I am enrolled in.
I am really enjoying the class. No pun intended though, we have to practice drawing blood and were doing so on the second day of class! who and how do we practice? on each other!! oh yes...I am sticking people and they are sticking me and we are brand new to this craziness.
I start Clinicals in a few weeks and have to be comfortable with drawing blood on any patient.

For those of you tilting your head and wondering what the heck phlebotomy is,

Phlebotomy: Obtaining blood from a vein. In the old days, this was done by incising (cutting) a vein and just letting the blood flow into a container. Today phlebotomy is done more neatly by puncturing a vein with a needle.

Phlebotomy may be done in order to obtain blood for diagnostic tests or to remove blood for treatment purpose.

we are required to wear white shoes, red scrub pants, white scrub shirt, and a red scrub lab coat...
Can I please just say... Candy Cane???

No perfume, no fingernail polish, stud earrings only, no other jewelery... oh man, what an adjustment.

I have until this coming Tuesday off (YAY) but still have a long list of things to get done around the house and for class...