Sep 3, 2009

a sticky business

I am officially done with my second week of the phlebotomy program I am enrolled in.
I am really enjoying the class. No pun intended though, we have to practice drawing blood and were doing so on the second day of class! who and how do we practice? on each other!! oh yes...I am sticking people and they are sticking me and we are brand new to this craziness.
I start Clinicals in a few weeks and have to be comfortable with drawing blood on any patient.

For those of you tilting your head and wondering what the heck phlebotomy is,

Phlebotomy: Obtaining blood from a vein. In the old days, this was done by incising (cutting) a vein and just letting the blood flow into a container. Today phlebotomy is done more neatly by puncturing a vein with a needle.

Phlebotomy may be done in order to obtain blood for diagnostic tests or to remove blood for treatment purpose.

we are required to wear white shoes, red scrub pants, white scrub shirt, and a red scrub lab coat...
Can I please just say... Candy Cane???

No perfume, no fingernail polish, stud earrings only, no other jewelery... oh man, what an adjustment.

I have until this coming Tuesday off (YAY) but still have a long list of things to get done around the house and for class...



Meg said...

I'm wondering where you found your program? I've been trying to find one for awhile now and haven't been able to do so! I learned how to draw in an MD's office while working as a nurses assistant and would love to get my certification!

Tami said...

Hi, Hannah! I am so proud of you! I love getting my phlebotomy certificae this year. Did your instructor tell you how much it helps to ice your arms when you get home from class? It saves a lot of pain and bruising. :-)

Love ya! Tami