Nov 15, 2009


after all my wavering....

I am getting the flu shots.
Both. Seasonal flu and the H1N1.

I know some of you are getting them or already have had them, and some of you are not. I truly believe either decision is OK.

I am getting Holiday fever so fast! I am shocked and proud to announce that Mr. H and I have FINISHED our Christmas shopping. ha! He had a day off for veterans day and we went crazy and knocked it all out.

It has taken every fiber of strength to not go in to the spare bedroom and wrap all of those presents and have them waiting on our tree. You bet that the day after thanksgiving that we are going to get a tree and decorate our house with Christmas music blaring.

I am so excited for Turkey and then mistletoe!!!



Caitlin said...

haha, I love you, Hannah. Miss you much. We should get together soon. By the way, Biltmore is already decorated for Christmas, you'd love it there.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! That's awesome that you got all of your shopping done! So Jealous!

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Ugh I wish I had all my shopping done!