Oct 26, 2009

birthday weekend

First of all...my job interview on Thursday went great! I am expecting a call back anytime this week!

BUT getting to my interview was a totally different story.

My interview was 20 min away from our house and I needed to be there @ 2pm.
I left our house @ 1pm with plans to get gas and pick up a few things from the grocery store.

WELL 15 min in route and basically on the ramp to get on the interstate my jeep DIED! I mean totally shut off and would not cooperate. It was a night mare! I looked at my watch and it was already 1:20pm. Hubby and Mom work at school and sometime cant get to their cell phones and neither were picking up. Finally Hubs called back! SHEW! He had to leave school and come and get me. In the meantime, 3...count them, 3 state troopers passed me and didn't even look up or offer help! know that I was stuck in the middle of the road and blocking all kinds of traffic trying to get on the interstate. Finally this nice man in a tow truck was passing by on the opposite side and stopped to ask if I had any help. I said NO. He pulled behind me and came and got my jeep to roll backwards and get enough speed to pull it up on the median. SO NICE! I called 911 and informed them of my car and asked them to make a note of it so it wouldn't get towed!!!
Hubby arrived about 1:50 and raced me to my interview. I was there on time and with a smile on my face. They will never know what happened and what it took for me to get there! haha. Thank you sweet hubby!!!

Sushi for lunch Friday was fabulous and a blast!

the ladies that Hubby teaches with, took us out for our birthday on Friday

Saturday(our birthday) was a dream!
We had friends over for breakfast and had a big meal together! we sat around the dining room table and sat on the front porch and just relaxed. Later that morning, hubs and I visited his dad and then came back home to carve pumpkins!

we carved polka-dot pumpkins!
Sadie baby was worn out from the pumpkin carving festivities.

We roasted the pumpkin seeds and cuddled around watching a movie until time to get ready for our dinner at Carrabbas with my dad and sisters. My youngest sister and her boyfriend came back to our house and watched a movie and then she spent the night. *sigh* It was a wonderful way to turn 23! Hubs is 24 now:)

I wish everyone a great week getting ready for Halloween! excited for this weekend to come too!



Lucy Marie said...

I am so glad you got to your interview on time. I would have been so frazzled I doubt I would have done well in an interview after that. What a great birthday weekend ... sounds like a lot of fun!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Cute pumpkin carving pics! That's good that you got to the interview on time and that it went well! Hope the jeep is revived!

Rachael said...

Sounds like you stayed calm and collective given your situation. I probably would have started crying on the side of the road.

Caitlin said...

Wow, what a story. That just confirms in my mind that State Troopers are jerks. I'm so glad your birthday was wonderful. :)