Jan 6, 2009

-taking a breath-

The holiday season that I was so anxious for all of 2008 has come and gone and we are well into 2009!

My new year resolutions:
1. Drink H2O! (no more soda or sweet tea)
2. Limit Sugary food. I'm gonna train my sweet tooth!
3. Finish planning my August Wedding

SO...the new season of the Bachelor came on last night. Jason is Beautiful, Shannon gets on my nerves already, and my favorite right now is Jillian even though she pulled the hot dog stunt. That is definitely going to be a 2009 regular for me.

Movies I want to see in 2009:
Mall Cop
Bride Wars
Confessions of a Shopaholic
The Proposal

Happy 2009!

1 comment:

BLN said...

Cute movie choices!!! I want to see those too!! Girls night is a MUST :)