Jan 10, 2009

suprise date!

Yesterday my Fiance called me right after he got off work. He had asked me through a text earlier in the day if I would go on a date with him later in the evening. I thought it was so cute he was asking me on a date. I said Yes of course. I asked him what we were going to do. His words exactly " I'm not going to tell you!" YAY I love surprises! He picked me up from my house and we went to eat at our favorite Japanese restaurant. We then headed on to town and pulled into target (I was excited enough about that). He told me that we were going to register for our wedding! It was sooo much fun!! -and exhausting- He was so adorable scanning everything insight. I am super excited about some mixing bowls and the TV! We got home and checked our resistry online and I was suprised to see some halarious things...Valentine stickers from the Dollar Spot (we stoped to say hello to someone and he must of scanned behind my back), Pajamas (we were walking by and he wanted to see if he could scan while in motion). We had a blast. We are also going to regisiter at Bed Bath and Beyond and Belk.



Awww. Your honey was so sweet to plan out the evening like that :)

Katie Lake said...

What a cute date! My BFF is out registering today (as I type) and she chose the exact same places! Are you going for china/crystal or just the basics? I've been involved in several discussions about what to register for lately.

HFR said...

oh yes he was so precious! I love the places we chose to register. Everything I want is from those three places. I know my mom and grandmother will want to buy me silver flatware and crystal so I am planning on registering for that so I can pick the things we like but other than that we are going pretty basic!
Congrats to your BFF!