Jan 28, 2009

Thanks A Southern Girl In the City!

Thanks to:
A Southern Girl in the City
For the Honest Scrap Award!

1. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
2. Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap." Well, there's no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
3. List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

My honest facts:

1. I love Musicals. They can range from Local Green room Productions to Broadway... I love them!

2. My current Obsessions are Huge earrings and tights. My latest purchase was a pair of cheetah print tights from Stein Mart. <--- love that store! 3. I have known my fiance for 10 years and have been a couple for 8. We met in Middle School and started "going out" and dated all the way through high school. We were broken up for my freshman year of college but the future was meant for us to be together. 4. My elbows are double jointed. Not a pretty sight going through school having to raise my hand to ask a question. My arm raises crooked naturally. I used to love showing it off as a kid. Good thing I was never a cheerleader! GO TEAM would have been a bent mess. 5. I love Country music. Any kind all kinds. Jamey Johnson and Clay Walker on are on my top favs right now. My other Ear Candy is Michael Buble. I swear he got me through Organic Chemistry!

6. I am a Sucker for Cheesy Movies. ABC originals, Disney Channel and Lifetime are right up my alley. I have to basically beg and manipulate people to watch them with me.

7. I don't mind to get lost. I actually find it fun. My friends would agree that I am more than willing to take a wrong turn or drive down an unfamiliar street just so I can see where it ends up.
I have no idea why I love to waist time and gas, or annoy my passengers, but I love the adventure and it usually ends up being an unforgettable memory.

8. I love to Thrift store and Consignment Store shop. No doubt a passed down trait from my sweet momma, I cannot resist a store of forgotten treasures. I dont always have to buy something, its just the thrill of the hunt. I love to look through old jewlery and laugh at crazy styles they had back in the day. And then there are the times that kindle my flame, when I find a treasure. My mother found a slightly pair of used Black Justin Cowboy boots for $8!!! They fit my sister and I perfect!

9. Costume jewlery or none at all. (except my beautiful engagment ring, of course) Bigger the better. Big earrings, long necklaces, big fat rings and bangles are all up my ally.

10. I love to paint pottery and make jewlery. My recent creations have been 2 coffee mugs, a christmas orniment that says "our first Christmas" for next year :) and 2 rings made from turqouise. let me know if I can make something for you!

I want to pass this award to...
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Simply Me said...

I love love love your blog!!!! How adorable!! Your now one of my following favs!! :)
can't wait to get to know you better!

plan aCOURTingly said...

Great blog! And I am totally with you on #1, 6, and 7!!

Freck said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your comment was so sweet! Your blog, my dear, is so adorable as well. I love musicals, too :) Please keep us updated on your wedding this year! So exciting, good luck with all the planning! I will let you know if and when I get some sun!!!

Miss Type-A said...

I live with my high school sweetheart and have been with him for about 7 years. It's so rare nowadays so it's nice to see that you have been with your man even longer than me! :) I'll be following your blog as you plan the wedding!!