Jan 27, 2009


I am having so much fun planning my wedding! I met with a florist at the end of last week.
We had a fun time exchanging ideas. I was so impressed with her because it was like she was reading my mind on vision I have for my flowers.
In my Opinion, less is more for my wedding. I am using unlikely things for my "flowers" twigs and green berries are a few examples.
She was laughing when she informed me that it sounded like I wanted my Ceremony in the Garden and my reception in the woods.
See what I'm talking about:
The guys will be sporting boutonnieres made from cute little green hypericum berries.I love white Dahlia so they will be in my Bouquet along with other leaves and hypericum berries.
White Hydrangea flowers are beautiful and make for GREAT fillers!Glass Vases + Stones+ water+ floating candles= Great Table Decor!After describing what I wanted for my reception, the florist pulled out a picture and said "This sounds like you. Is this your vision?" I began to smile. "EXACTLY!"

This planning stuff is EXPENSIVE and can be stressful, but I love to consult with all the vendors and be "business woman". I love all the different options and to be able to express myself on one of the most, if not the most, Important day of my and my fiance's life!


Katie Lake said...

Aww I love your flower choices!

I tagged you for the Honest Scrap award!

Simply Me said...

these are such great pictures!!!!! I simple can't wait to A) get married and B) for another friend to get married so I can help plan