Jan 20, 2009

*let it snow*

If you are like me, then you are disappointed in the amount of snowfall that happened last night. I was hoping to wake up to a beautiful white blanket and instead only woke to see white splotches on cars and only on the grass that is mostly hugging around trees.

The last semester of my undergrad officially starts tomorrow! In four months I will be a college graduate and two months away from being a wife.

These next months ahead are going to be some of the most important times in my life.
I am praying for a few things...
1. That I am gracious, loving and king through this whole process
2. That I finish school with a bang and ready to start a new chapter.
3. That the Lord will open doors for my clinical experience and PA school.


BLN said...

wooo-hoooo for your LAST semester!!!! im jealous ;)

HFR said...

well remember I still have grad school and you are already there!