Jan 26, 2009

Marvelous Monday

Mondays maybe me my new favorite day. I only have one class and it starts at 10am.

I did and am going to do a few fun things today:
1. I got up this morning before class and ran 2miles (this only reassured how out of shape I am)
2. My hair is behaving and some pestering bumps on my face have cleared away.
3. I put on my huge gold ball earrings and my skinny jeans
4. I am going to go birthday present shopping for a dear friend AGH (don't even think about asking what it is!)
5. I am going to make some coffee and read my book later on
6. '24' Comes on tonight!

It is nice to finally have my Mondays back.


hGb said...

couple things...
1. did you make that awesome blog header or did Caitlin?
2. birthday shopping?!? maybe just a hint??haha
3.2 miles is impressive. I need some motivation.
4. Being around you this weekend just made me miss living in the same building with all my favorite people. Can we do that again, married?

HFR said...

hey girl!

answers for you

1. yes i Made it! picnik.com is AMAZING!
2. you get NO hints...sorry!
3. Thanks! I about died
4. I loved spending time with you too! And I would love to do it again before and after married.