Feb 2, 2009

{weekend recap}

Future Hubby arrived earlier than expected on Friday afternoon to surprise me :)
*love when he does that*
He picked me up and we preceded to the hotel so he could check in. I helped him move his teacher stuff to the room (he thought he was going to get away with grading papers while I did wedding stuff...Not a chance!)
We decided on dinner and ended up a at little bistro in the town where I go to school in. It was nice and especially nice for him to be sitting across the table from me!

We went to the grocery store after dinner because I was DETERMINED to get the 100 calorie pack of Oreo Cakesters. Of course they were all out so I settled for the grasshopper (choco&mint) instead. We made our way back and tried to decide what to do first. We decided to address all of the Save-The-Dates...Never Imagined how overwhelming that could have been... but he was such a wonderful help. he stuffed and looked up addresses while my hand cramped from addressing all of the envelopes.
-we are pretty independent people, so of course we are doing all of this ourselves!-
FYI - my wishlist now includes a return label stamp for us to use in the future!
Its nice to say that the savethedates are sent!

Saturday we met with friends (actually my boss and her husband) for Breakfast. They have the most adorable child and it was so fun for us to be around young married people together.
We were honored that they would think of us.

Later that morning we made our way to town and picked up some pottery(happy birthday hGB!) and then went CAKE TASTING!
We had an appointment with The Bake Shoppe . A tiny 'hole in the wall' type place but excellent serive and a precious owner.
We decided on Almond flavor for the cake and buttercream icing with fondant ribbons around each layer.

Example of the look I am going for:Ours is a 4-tier that is very similar to this one.
So we are excited to have that decided and checked off the list.

Well sadly my dear Fiance had to leave to head back home, and what a coincidence that I would get sick. SO...I was sick on a saturday night and all day sunday and for the superbowl.

Lots of fun this weekend (minus the sickness) and got lots done!
I'm always glad to have him here :)

Happy Monday (my fav day this semester)!


Caitlin said...

Cute Save the Dates. Love them. :)
Missed at Salsa on Friday, but I suppose I can let it slide. ;)

Chloie said...

Your Save the Date cards are gorgeous! I love your pictures!

jlc said...

That cake is GORGEOUS! Yummmmm.

And I love love love your header.

Krystal said...

thanks for the bday wishes for my dog! :) your pictures are super gorgeous..

Robyn said...

Such a beautiful cake. Love it!