Feb 11, 2009

Our wedding wishlist

Well as you know, Future Hubs and I already registered at Target (his sweet surprise date) and I just realized I never showed you some of the things we registered for.
so sorry...so now I am making it up to you

Here we go:

(just a few things from our registry)

From Target

Our everyday dinnerware :) I love it sweet and simple
Oversized wooden wall clock. not sure where to put it...give me suggestions!!

2 end tables for the living room.

Wall Art: Over the Couch?

From Belk:Mr. H and I need our Coffee in the Morning!
I can see lots of baking in my future with this beauty
Love this luggage! I wish you could see it up close. Adorable!
(but not to 'adorable' for Mr. H, of course.)

We are also planning to register at Bed Bath & Beyond :) more pics to come...

Bring on the Showers!!

Happy Hump Day Bloggers


Ruggy13 said...

I love your stuff! I feel like I would have picked out the same stuff. We have an over sized clock. We also have split steps so we put it on the wall that people face while walking up the steps. Good luck decorating!

SassyEngineer said...

We have that coffee maker, and I LOVE it! It is so nice to not have a carafe to worry about :)

Aliya said...

That side table is soo cute! We've been looking for something just like that in black! Thanks!

hGb said...

side tables are great! I have that coffee maker adn I swear its the best thing ever!! Showers?

Anonymous said...

love the table and the art way cute! I miss target:)

Brenn said...

Hey! I tagged you over on my blog.

Amanda Joy said...

cute pics!

justin manas prince jaspher ligin said...

useful things..

Simply Me said...

WE have very good taste :) Id pick the same things and that coffee maker- tis beautiful. My house is chocolate brown and blue... like really pretty green blue in different shades so I can certainly appreciate the dark wood accessories!
so it's no especially fitting to know I gave you an award!! :) go check out my blog for details
Happy friday lovely girly!!