Feb 27, 2009


Mr. H booked our Honeymoon on Wednesday!
We are headed to the Couples Swept Away Resort in Jamaica!

We get a His/Her Massage at some point of the trip that is included, PLUS some much more!

We decided the Beach Front Suite, which will give us direct access to the Caribbean Sea.

Mr. H and I are so happy to have this part of the planning Complete. <3

I have to be honest when I say that I was 'iffy' about a honeymoon to Jamaica. His sister and one of my best friends also had their honeymoons in this beautiful place, and I guess I just thought I wanted to be different. But now, my attitude has changed and I am super excited!!

Mr. H hired a Travel Agent who has been so AMAZING and has helped up us along the way to get the best deal and the most for our money.

So let the Countdown Begin!
(5 months 6 days until JAMAICA!)



hGb said...

ahhhhh thats so soon! The resort looks so pretty! You have to do the zip line through the canopy there it was my favorite part of Jamaica.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh wow! Looks super nice!

BLN said...

That is going to be SO much fun!!! The pictures look amazing :)