Feb 25, 2009

Happy 'Hump' Day

It's Wednesday which means we are half way through the week!

I am so thrilled to say that I have FINALLY finished William P. Young's THE SHACK

I have been wading through some deep pain and struggles the past few years was have been able to stay sane because of the Lords sweet comfort and love. While reading the book “The Shack” I was able to feel the same comfort and love that I have felt so tenderly in the past years. I have not seen God as overtly or literally as in this novel, but have felt him as intensely and the experience was just as intoxicating as it was for Mack(the main character). I believe that The Shack is able to help people, like me, who are struggling to love and to trust. To have a personification, weather true or not, helps to understand a small part of the limitless Love that God desires so greatly to give us. I am past dogma and religion in my life. None of that gives me peace and comfort. I need the raw and rough love of my Jesus.
So Simply Said- I LOVED THE SHACK!

If you have read it, I want to hear your opinions!
If you haven't, Read It!!

THANK YOU mylife,myworld,mywords... for Another Fabulous Blog award!
Check out her blog! She is just Wonderful!

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(and that I Stalk all the time)

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Kellie said...
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Kellie said...

Isn't the author going to be at Montreat next week? Are you going?

Nicole-Lynn said...

Thank you for the award, so sweet of you!

hFr said...

Yes he will be! March 3rd @ 8pm...yep im going!

Robyn said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I will have to check it out. Sounds right up my alley, as my days of late have been somewhat a of struggle.