Feb 8, 2009

Say YES to the Dress!

Good news Bloggers!

I HAVE MY DRESS! *do a little dance*
I am so excited about my Allure Bridal Dress.
I want so badly to put a pic up of the beauty and to describe it...but Mr. H reads my blog and He can't know what it looks like! (sorry hunny)
I was so excited to go re-try the dress because I had lots of company :) My Momma, one of my sisters, my BFF , her momma, and a dear college friend went with me. BFF got her Bridesmaid dress and momma found her Mother of the Bride Dress.
Sister even got her Prom Dress for her Senior Prom. I declared Saturday DRESS DAY!

Here is my Bride's maid theme:

Brown Silk Taffeta Dresses (Knee Length)
Brushed Gold Strappy heels
Brushed Gold Jewlery
Dahilas of Course!

Full look at the BM dresses

More to come soon...


hGb said...

love it!!! when can I get mine????
let me know anything I can do!!!

jlc said...

Awww congrats congrats!!!

Can't wait to hear more updates!

Preppy 101 said...

Can't wait until we can see pics!!!

BLN said...

who is that hott model modeling the bridesmaid dress??? haha

i had fun this weekend!!!!
i'm so glad we got to go together :)

katie said...

so glad you found your dress! it's definitely a huge weight lifted!