Oct 22, 2008

warmer wednesday??

Not a chance! The weather man said himself that he hoped we enjoyed yesterdays upper 60s because that would be the last time we saw "warm" weather in awhile. Part of me says 'YES!' because I finally get to pull my coats out of hibernation, and the other part of me is sad to put my summer clothes away for a few months. Warm/cold clothes transitions are always weird for me. I almost forget how to dress myself when I have to change my wardrobe. Its like I have to get back in to the swing of things and remember how to look cute. haha. oh the stresses in life. right? wow, I suddenly feel so guilty complaining over my schizophrenic wardrobe malfunctions when I should be reading about the election that is happing in 2 WEEKS or doing my microbiology homework.

2 more days till im 22! Plans for now are to go camping with Jordan and his family for our birthdays. We will see how that works out. The weather man also said that rain would ruin my camping trip. Well I am telling right now that I will not be to happy to hike and camp in a freezing down pour.

Jenna Set the Date!! May 16th 2009!! YAY!

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