Oct 25, 2008

at home <3

yesterday was great. I woke up to cold weather and rain and to a slew of text messages wishing me a happy birthday. I made my way to the cafe to get some breakfast before class. Rose met me there with a little surprise. The Birthday day sash. I made the birthday sash for her birthday and forced her to wear it around all day. Well what goes around comes around. I was able to make the trip home yesterday afternoon and was happy to be able to spend some time with my sisters. We all, including Jordan, Dad, and Grandparents, went out for a birthday dinner at Carrabbas. It was really nice. It was good to see pawpaw and grandmother. Momma Jordan and I ended up spending the rest of the day at Target( I was going to get those boots...I was not impressed) and came home to eat the Red Velvet cake cookies I made for him and have a little glass of homemade muscadine wine. It was a really nice Birthday.

Today, I am going to go vote early, or try to at least.
Jordan has a whole day plan to go to "the spot" and shoot skeet and ride four wheelers. The Spot is one of a kind. It is a piece of land that is literally a backwoods clearing that Jordan and his friend Scott built a little cabin on. They have a porch swing and a wood stove. There is even little bunk beds in there in case they want to stay the night. Oh, there is even an outhouse( I usually choose to hold it). Well anyways, we are meeting Jordan's sister and her husband down there to have some fun and will probably end up grilling out later tonight.

My Goal: Vote early. Do some studying!!

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hGb said...

Hope your birthday was fabulous! Too bad we couldn't hit up the "skanky snake" or whatever that sketchy place was called. Haha! Miss you!