Oct 17, 2008

Raleigh Bound

Let me just say how excited I am about going to see Heather. SO EXCITED! I am happy to be with friends this weekend. We are planning on leaving the Treat right after classes to make the trip down the mountain to the middle of the state.Today and tomorrow I vow to be stress free and have as much fun as possible. It looks like the weather is against us today for the fair, but hopefully we will be able to look over the dreariness of the day and have blast. Rain or no Rain we are going! Besides the fact that some of my besties will be with me this weekend, I am looking forward to this concert. I love Jason Aldean, and yes, he is a country artist. lol. A week from today will be my Birthday (and Jordans birthday), then the next friday will the Halloween. Looks like every weekend for the rest of October is planned and full of fun!

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