Oct 19, 2008

extra special weekend

wow. so much happened in the past 72 hours. Friday Rose Ashleigh and I took our much anticipated road trip to Raleigh. We arrived at the Grindstaff's (which is decorated absolutley precious!) freshened up quickly and made our way to the fair. It rained the entire time. Poured. The Concert was fun, but more like just to say that I had been to a Jason Aldean concert. A few parts were really fun and entertaining but for the most part the show was slow. We left before the concert was over to ensure roasted corn and fried oreos. We all were troppers. Jenna and Ashleigh the most because they didnt have umbrellas.

We were all soaked to the bone when we left and were ready to get dry and comfy.
Saturday we all woke up and our wonderful host made us homemade pumpkin pancakes. They were incredible. We also had a chance to see the start of her fall/halloween decorations for her house. It made me want to have a house to decorate!

Before our trip back to Montreat we were able to stop at a friends house that lives in Raleigh. It was fun to see her home and family. We stopped at my house on our way back to see my family. My momma and sisters are so cute. It was great to see them.

I also had a excited phone call. Here is how it went: me: Hello? Jenna: He Proposed!!! me: WHAT??? Jenna: IM ENGAGED!!! me: OH MY GOSH! **Starts crying** I'M SO HAPPY!!!

Its so strange when one of your best friends gets engaged. We have talked about this moment since we were little girls and now it is finally here. I could not be more happy for her. CONGRATULATIONS future Mrs. Pope!

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hGb said...

I had a blast. So glad you guys could come. Come back soon... say Halloween ;-)! Miss ya already!