Oct 21, 2008

view from my window

it feels so much like fall today! The wind is chilly and is blowing colorful leaves all over the ground. I was walking back to class just a few minutes ago and was swarmed by a whirlwind of the painted leaves. It put me in such a mood that I had to come put on Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank right away. When I look out my window I can see the surrounding mountains splotched with color. The sky is blue and my hands are still chilled from the trek back to the dorm. 3 days until my birthday! The girls here have already been so sweet to celebrate my birthday early. Sunday night a few girls from the RA staff cooked dinner for me and we were able to eat together. Last night Michelle lit a little candle that was stuck into a pumpkin roll slice. YUMMY! She also did a little "hannah triva" game in the meeting. It was cute.

In the spirit of my birthday, I did a little online shopping. Here are my favortie finds:Black boots from target. never can go wrong with a pair of target shoes.

Green wool Coat from Old Navy. Too Cute! I can just picture so many outfits with this coat.
Gold/Red Bangle from Old Navy. I always love to have some red. New Holiday Bracelet???

New Katy VanZeeland Bag. MY WEAKNESS. I will wait for this one to go on sale, but I love it!

Happy Fall and Stay Warm!


Caitlin said...

cute stuff! that coat is so you. happy early birthday! you girls have any plans for dinner or anything?

hGb said...

How do you like the Ella cd? I meant to burn you a copy for Morgan. I bet she'd love that cd.I have another one I love Im gonna send you in the mail. Have a good rest of the week!

Amethyst said...

Hey Hannah, this is Chelsea Bober...
I, too, am OBSESSED with Kathy purses. I currently have four and I need moooorrrrre! They are amazing. Have you ever seen Debbie Brooks handbags? If you like Kathy, you'll probably love these!