Oct 14, 2008

tuesday coffee

I am well into my usual Tuesday routine of class, tutoring 2 adorable fifth grade girls and homework at power house perks. I figured I should take a few moments to write and fill you in on the past few days. Fall break is over (sadness) and there was no transition from break to classes. My classes picked up like we were never away. I had to get it in gear fast. The last few days of break we much better than expected. I had a looming feeling that break may be more of a stress due to trying to be in multiple places at once. Juggling spending time with friends, family and Jordan. It all worked out just fine. No tears, no hair loss, no frazzled nerves. My day with brit and jen went great we had a blast. Saturday, Jordan treated me to a matinee showing of FireProof. Let me just say right now, that all married couples or couples thinking about marriage should see this movie! It is so encouraging and inspiring. Jordan and I both were touched deeply by this little movie. Sunday my family, Jordan, James, cooper and tucker went on a sweet little picnic to the mountains. The leaves are so colorful on the parkway near boone. I love how the Lord reveals his marvel through the fall season. It is definitely my favorite. Raleigh road trip with the girls is coming up soon! I am so excited!!

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