Oct 3, 2008


Despite the near chaos with homecoming this weekend, I am still so very thankful for today being Friday. I am almost done with classes today. Genetics and Calculus II under my belt and I only have one left this afternoon, microbiology. Fridays bring this sense of freedom. Even though I realize MWF classes are my challenge, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on Fridays. Today is a special Friday which adds to my excitement. For homecoming, Montreat is putting on its first PowderPuff game since the 1960s. Seniors/Freshman vs. Juniors/Sophomores. Oh Yes I can smell the victory. Seniors/Freshys are wearing pink and the "others" are wearing blue. Being my senior year, I decided that I am going to go all out on this. I love some competition mixed with pigtails and a pink shirt. I am even cutting down my nails so not to interfere with my perfect spiral that will lead us to victory. Let me just say that the sun is shinning the air is cool and the emotions are high. Exact combinations we need to win!

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