May 29, 2009

Say YES to the Dress

Sweet Momma took off work yesterday and we went shopping!
(with goals in mind...haha)

I found three dresses at Belk that I am going to wear to my next three Bridal Showers

The best part...all these dress were on the 50% off sale yesterday. WHOOT.

The most exciting news is that....

my bridal gown is in!

I had my first fitting yesterday and it was amazing to finally have my dress on.

Wedding things that are in Progress:
-printing out invitations, RSVP cards as we speak
-Bridal gown fittings
-favor hunting (any ideas?)
-touching base and confirming appointments and venues

Starting my Job on Monday is going to be an interesting thing to throw in the mix of the crazy summer.

TGIF Bloggies!


Haley Dawn said...

i dont know how set you are on giving favors but what my fiance and i are doing is making a donation to a charity in out guests names (i doesn't have to be a huge amount) and every place setting will havae a very nice printed card say we mad a donation to a charity in your name and this is the charity, etc


very cute dresses! :) i google everything, thats where we found our favors lol.

Brittany Ann said...

Congrats on getting your dress, and thank you for following my blog!