May 27, 2009

¿La lluvia?

The Rain has been Crazy Lately.

I cant go anywhere with out my wellies and umbrella.

Yesterday traveling to work, I saw and was stuck in traffic by 3 wreaks caused by the rain.

I also came across a little bridge that made me a little nervous... The water was almost as high as the bridge! The road curve around to be parallel with the river and at all the low spots in the road the river was so high that is was coming into the road. SCARY.

Don't get me wrong: I am thankful for the Lords blessing of rain

But I have to be honest, I haven't seen this much rain in a long time....
I sure hope it is not a foreshadow of the rest of the summer...

I have a rather LARGE event (the wedding) happening this summer that I don't want to be rained out!

Stay dry!


Meagan said...

I feel ya on the rain....It has rained everyday for two weeks here :( much needed, but definitely not in this quantity! I'm gonna need a boat to get out of the neighborhood before too long!

Miss Type-A said...

I live in NC too and it has been constant recently! crazy!