May 5, 2009

-How To Tuesday-

How To:
Get theTaylorS
wift Hairstyle

The Key is to use the HerStyler- Babycurls ceramic curling tool

Step 1: Detangle hair
Step 2: Style hair is sections starting from the bottom of you hair working your way to the top
Step 3: Take sections of hair and wrap around the barrel of the HerStyler
Step 4: Wait 3-5 seconds
Step 5: release

You can have beautiful shiny locks In a fraction of time!
*works great on curly hair too*

The HerStyler used on my hair!
I have decided to use this tool for my wedding hair-do

Good luck Curling <3


Have a happy 5th of May!


Ruggy13 said...

I love the curls!!! they look great!

Shannon said...

oooo..looks very pretty on you!! :) Love it!

Amy said...

your hair is really pretty! looks good! my hair is dead straight and cannot hold a curl. EVER. :(

Aliya said...

Those look so good!! Very cute look :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

The curls look great!

Jane said...

Love the curls! You did a fabulous job!

BLN said...

oooo cute!

i want to try this out!

Robyn said...

Oh wow...looks amazing. Might have to get one of those

Baltimore Belle said...

Sooooo cute! I really want to try that!!