May 8, 2009

my lingerie pajama party!

I'm headed home
(I'm in college for 2 more weeks! ugh)
for my Lingerie party that my BFFs are throwing me.

The theme is a pajama sleepover party!
We are going to play fun games, watch wedding movies and have lots of girly fun.
Of course I am going to open my lingerie presents which I am super stoked about.

lets hope I get pretty, sassy things and not this:

I cant wait to post pics of tonight!
be on the lookout...

BTW* thanks for the mother's day gift advice!
I think am doing the mani/pedi and probably cleaning up around the house!



Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have a great time!!!

Caitlin said...

So wish I could be there, I know you'll have so much fun! :)

John said...

Just came acfross your Blog by accident.I wish you and fiancee the best. Maybe you can stop by and let me know how things are going. Congrats on theis next chapter in your life/

Caitlin said...

Where are those pictures of the party, woman?!