Jun 2, 2009

How to Tuesday

How To:
give yourself a
French Mani/Pedi
Need to Save the green Money?

I do too!
This girl loves to get her nails done, but going every 1-2 weeks can empty the wallet.
Here is a trick for the "in between" visits

Things you will need:
1.Nail polish remover
2.cotton balls
3.white nail polish
3. French light pink polish
4. Clear top coat polish
4. Small Brush (or Q-tips)
5. Nail file
6. Cuticle remover cream
7. Cuticle remover tool

If your need to fix your shabbiness...
generously apply cuticle remover cream to feet and hands.
Let sit for a couple of minutes and push back cuticles with the tool.
Wash hands and feet and rub clean with polish remover.

Using white Polish paint the tips of your nails.
It doesn't have to be neat or in a straight line.
I recommend starting with your less dominant hand first.

See? Not straight...YET

Get ready...
Dip your brush or Q-tip into polish remover

In a sweeping motion...
Shape polish on each nail..
let the curve of the brush shape the polish
thumb and Index finger have been Shaped
other need to be done

Paint on the light pinkThen the clear top coat...and


You have your french Mani (or pedi)!

Happy Painting,


Brittany Ann said...

Looks awesome! Unfortunately, I have the world's unsteadiest hand! You're my hero! I'm actually afraid to paint my own fingernails!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I agree with the above commenter. I wish I could pull that off!

Amy said...

thank you for this--i SUCK at giving myself a french manicure because i'm preoccupied with getting the white polish on evenly. i never even thought of erasing it with a brush. i want to do my nails right now :)

Brittnei said...

Wow awesome. I, too, have quite unsteady hands, but I will definatly try again. haha ;)