Apr 20, 2009


Weekend Recap:

My Momma's surprise birthday party was a success!
She thought that she was just coming to visit and to eat with me and my sisters:
I invited her friends and their families and my grandparents. She was so surprised.
My Papaw showed up in all black to celebrate her 50th! So cute :)

Yesterday Mr. H and I bought our wedding bands.

Now I just have to be patient and wait...even though I want to wear it NOW.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend,


Ruggy13 said...

aww I love it!!

katie said...

that's some beautiful bling!!

Liz @ McFargan: A Midwestern Matrimony said...

Bling-blang! Great work getting those rings. One step closer to the wedding!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw that's great she had an awesome time!!

Love those rings!!! Blingin!!

Hannah Noel said...