Apr 23, 2009

I have this theory...

You can tell a man by his shoes

-it is a theory that I have had since I was a pre-teen.
I even googled the 'topic' to see what hits I would get...low-and-behold others view the same.

let me explain:

clean 'keep them looking brand new' tennis shoe wearers- they may be anal and a little on the OCD side, but I feel like these guys value their things and know the importance of a dollar...they also want to look clean and put-together.

Rainbow Sandal man- 2 things: either the fashion bandwagon jumper OR a man that likes to keep it real and live free and easy. This guy can go 2 ways: beachy or preppy...either way girls go for this guy! This guy also may sport boat shoes and new balances.

Boat Shoe Show: Same as the Rainbows...could be a product of a fashion sweep but if not, this guy was raised preppy and proud. If were lucky it could be boat shoes and bow ties!

The Converse All-Star- I see this guy as fun loving and not afraid to show his personality. These guys are usually the good friends and the brothers. But...Converse are making a HUGE comeback, so we will see guys of all kinds rocking the Chucks. Fun!

Snakeskin Cowboy boot- Always an interesting character. Whether your dad, grand-dad or the guy on the street, this man who sports snake on a boot has a personality worth getting to know. Beware of Snakeskin in the big city...It reeks of flashy and scary!

Business shoe man- He means business. This guy is career minded and goal focused. Could be a good thing and could be bad! Also watch out of the impersonators... the guys who wear business attire at inappropriate times...definitely a sign of trying too hard!

Basketball Shoes 24/7: I want to shake these guys and inform them of ALL of the different shoe styles the world offers! These guys either tell that they are really niave, lazy or indifferent.
Basketball hightops and blue jeans do not work together!!! Atheletic or not...keep the hightops on the court...bless their hearts.

Worn out shoes of any kind: these guys can give a false vibe. A lot of guys choose to keep their old worn out duds because of their comfort, and don't realize that It gives them a sloppy, lazy "I don't care" look. They may be comfy boys but the shoes need to be replaced!

Shoe laces pulled tight: and I mean as tight as they will go, so that the shoe string bow is flopping all the way to the ground. This guy shows a little bit of a nerdy side. Not sure if its insecurity or preference, but choosing to wear your shoes tight to your feet definitely tell something about these guys.

Cowboy/work boot: Ye-haww! these boys are southern through and through. If the boots are kept clean then it says the guy appriciates his boots and takes time to care for them. If they are rough looking and upkept, then this guy may not really give a hoot. Be ready to have some fun with these guys!

Airforce ones: I think these guys speak for themselves. thug or wanna-be thug. usually a jokester and will definitly make you laugh. Beware that this guy may be on the cocky side. A little arrogance can play into the Bad-A** persona.

And the list can go on.
What do you think? Can you tell something about a guy by his shoes?

Have a lovely Thursday,


Katie Lake said...

I tend to date the rainbow/boat shoe guy. Also known to wear clark wallabees. Preppy. I like it. May or may not be in a frat but likely to dress nice.

aGm said...

Matt is totally the "keep the sneakers clean" guy... ha he thinks I am the one with OCD. I can't wait to show him this!

Gabby said...

I think I want a Converse guy right now. Comfy, easy going...sounds good! xo