Apr 7, 2009

HOW TO Tuesday

I am starting a new thing every Tuesday where I present a How To: Post.
I am going to included anything and everything(yes. This probably mean me doing some research on topics) Rest assure that I will post about things that I feel most everyone can do!

here is the FIRST tuesday how to:

How To: Save the piggy bank when planning a Wedding
(things that have worked for me)

1. Find Wedding Invitations on SALE *
-Club Wed @ Target always offers a sale on invitations
-Check on Ebay for invitations sold in bulk

2. Print your own invitations- Lets face it…the Invites are elegant and beautiful and going in the TRASH! Save your $$$!
Buy ink for your printer; get creative and ‘wha-la’ great invitations!

3. Ask Friends and family for help!
Your friend from college DJs on the side. Your sister’s best friend is a phenomenal photographer. You simply adore your older sister’s wedding veil. Your girlfriend just got married and has decorations that she may lend you (wink wink). Your Mom’s friend can do amazing wedding cakes. Your grandmother can do alterations! The list just goes on!

4. Make your own veil! (Will include this how-to next week)
Tulle- $0.77-$2.00/yd.
Haircomb-$2-$15(depending on how fancy)
Beads or flowers-$5-$15
Having saved $100 or more and your own personal creation- priceless!

5. Big flowers…less money
Try using hydrangea, dahlias or large gerbera daisies. They take up a lot of room so you don’t have to use as many! All these flowers also come in a wide range of beautiful colors.

6. Get Nerdy $
-Make an Excel spread sheet of your desired budget. Commit to the budget and let your vendors know your budget. Remember: They are working for you! You are paying them and most will more than willing to help you for your special day.
--Compare vendor prices. Sit down and do all the math…it will pay off!

7. Do-it-yourself Save the Dates!
Use your beautiful engagement shots or just some silly shots of your and future hubby. Login to PICNIK Edit and arrange your pics and add text to make it look the way you want. When you save your creation, it will save directly to your desktop on your computer. Transfer the file to your thumb drive and you can print our your adorable save the dates at Sam’s club for $0.13 a piece or at your closest photo center for usually under $0.50.
(click here to see mine!)

I hope these help to save your piggy bank!

with all my love,

one last thing... SO proud of my Tarheels!NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!


Liz @ McFargan: A Midwestern Matrimony said...

love it....

I found my invites on super sale at Target. 200 invites for $24.00.

Until I ruined the envelopes and had to buy more. But STILL, they came out costing less than the cheapest order from a company ones.

I need your veil instructions.

Robyn said...

Great ideas! Now all I have to do is find someone that wants to marry me...lol.

P.S your save a dates are adorable and the pics of you and your man...perfect!

Leah said...

Those are great ideas!

Anonymous said...

great ideas!!!

yay tarheels!!!

Liz @ McFargan: A Midwestern Matrimony said...

Thanks for commenting! :) I love your blog.

We're getting married June 12, 2009. Yay!

The Grindstaffs said...

We made our own invitations and they turned out way better then if I would have paid someone for the exact style. I commend you for taking so much on! I loved your Save the Dates!

Shannon said...

love this list!! :) Excellent Advice!