Mar 27, 2009

wedding cake underway

I know that I have already posted about my cake but I needed to do it again!

I finally made the deposit on my cake with The Bake Shoppe
i love my beautiful cake.
My wedding Colors are brown and green and my baker is going to replicate this cake to match my weddingWhen I was making my deposit there was another customer in the store and said "have you ever had a cake from here before?" I said "no I haven't" and they replied, "well you're in for a treat, once you've had a cake made by Juanita, you will never go anywhere else."

YAY! that made me feel so good about my decision.

My weekend Plans:

1. HoeDown tonight...
redneck festivities include: Pig wrestling, log tossing, barn dance, etc.

2. Homeward bound to do errands
I have to get my phone fixed
{my blackberry is in a coma!!}---> has anyone else experienced problems?

3. while I am home I am going to make rings!
e-mail ( me if you want one
$10 each

4. Making my veil for the wedding (you bet there will be pics & a how-to post)

5. Birthday lunch for my beautiful sister...HAPPY BRITHDAY CHELS!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



Nicole-Lynn said...

Yey for knowing what you want for a cake.. it's pretty!

Jane said...

I really want to go to this Hoedown! I have never been to one and it seems like a very good time!

Meg said...

Wow that is a beautiful cake!

Rachel said...

I love this cake! I think my very favorite part of wedding planning, more than anything else, was designing my cake! Here's my blogpost with a picture of our cake:

Have a great weekend :)

Robyn said...

That cake is so amazing! I can't believe you are making your own veil. That is awesome.