Mar 23, 2009

back to darn reality

Spring Break Re-cap

Sorry I have been taking a blogging break
But I am back!

I had four wonderful days in St. Petersburg Florida on the beach and in the sunshine!

When I got back home in NC:

1. Mani/Pedi
2. Tanning bed visit (just back from FL and NOT tan enough...shame shame tisk tisk ...I know)
3. lunch and coffee with a dear friend
4. lunch with my youngest sister
5. spent all day friday with Mr. H and his adorable 3rd graders.They had baby chick hatch in time for Spring!

6. worked on the house!!!

Paint Colors: Kitchen- Summer Ivy Dining Room- American Elm Front BR/Living Room- Gaucho Master BR/Main Bath- Bluegrass

A view through the House

So needless to say I love how the house turned out... I am so excited to get our new floors in the kitchen and bathroom down! AND DECORATE!

I do not want to be back at school doing papers and exams...
I officially have senior-itis, wedding-itis and house-itis!

have a good monday <3


Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun in Flo-rida! Still jealous btw!!

Love the color combo you went with! You go girl, almost there:)

You have def. been a busy little bee!!!

Robyn said...

Any bit of tan is way more than I have right now. Glad to hear you had a great time.

Your house looks amazing. The before and after shots really show how far you've come. I'm super impressed ;)

hGb said...

you are not cool unless you have a green kitchen! haha I love that gray brown color you chose for the other room!!

Mrs H said...

Your house looks great!