Mar 19, 2009

back in the good ole' NC

Well I officially arrived back to Tarheel State late Tuesday night.

SO disappointed to get out of my car to 45 degrees when I was getting used to 70ish degrees at the coolest.

My Florida Trip was awesome!!! I was there a full three days and spent everyday at the beach and it was heavenly.

Shell Island- Saturday we made a boat drive to this beautiful little Island

The view from my girl friend's grandparents house in Saint Pete- AMAZING!

The girls @ Saint Pete beach on Monday

The trip was wonderful.
Good times with Friends.
Beautiful Beaches.
Warm Weather.

I am happy to be back though...I got to spend some good time with Mr. H last night.
We finally Registered at Bed Bath & Beyond. YAY!

My plans for the rest of my Spring Break:
-Birthday Dinner for my future father-in-law tonight
-Lunch with Mr. H at his school and spending time with his 3rd graders tomorrow
-Working on the house Friday evening and all day Saturday (pictures to follow!!)
-Church and Lunch with my family and then back to school

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!



Anonymous said...

So jealous! Looks beautiful and relaxing!

Emily said...

augh this is so weird.

i live in florida now (tampa actually...just minutes from st pete/clearwater) and the boyfriend and i are moving to charlotte in 40 days. we've been in fl a combined 21 years and we're just ready for a change.

anyways, glad you had a fun visit!!