Dec 7, 2008

so close...

It is Sunday again and I am reminded of how blessed I am. My Bible fellowship group at church is so amazing. There is so many kind and genuine people. And of course when all the personalities are in one room, it is hilarious. We had a Christmas party this past wednesday and I finally saw the movie White Christmas for the first time. Loved it!! We also had a $2 dirty santa game and I got a soda can($.50 Each) Christmas tree!
Today the girls in the dorm celebrated baby Ryann's 1st birthday. It was such an adorable birthday party. I bought her her first pair of cowgirls boots. She was so cute in them.
I only have 4 more days of my fall semester of my senior year. It is so bittersweet. I am so ready to be finished with exams and make it home to plan the wedding, but on the other hand I want a Pause button to push so that I can savor this time in my life just a little longer. Well I am off to 2 Christmas parties this evening and then locking my self in the library to study.

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