Dec 8, 2008

[Beyond ourselves]

I have been struggling to get in the Christmas Spirit this season and I read something so precious on AGH blog that I think will lift my Holiday funk. She is challenging everyone to live beyond themself. To take kindness to another level and to give wonderful gifts everyday of the week. I am taking the challenge and I encourage you to do the same. Link
Money Monday- Wherever you eat today pay for the persons behind you whether it be at Starbucks for your morning coffee or Panera for your lunch, pick up their tab. This works best in drive thrus but can be done anywhere.This random act of kindness will make someones day.

Talking Tuesday- Be intentional about telling someone you are thankful for them or give someone a compliment. We can do so much to brighten someones day by just a few words.

Wild Card Wednesday- just do something nice. It might be as small as letting someone go in front of you in a line or as big as picking up that angel off the angel tree you have been debating about buying for.You decide what to do.

Thankful Thursday- make a list of ten things you are thankful for in these hard economic times and post it on your blog.

Friday Fun and Friends- Do something for someone close to you. It is so fun to take a friend for a manicure or buy them their favorite truffles simply to be nice.

You are more than welcome to post this on your blog to share with others.Don't do this to make you feel good about yourself but rather because you are so blessed your life should overflow kindness. Leave me a message letting me know you are taking on the challenge! Have fun! I'd love to hear your stories!

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