Nov 7, 2008

PA report

Its Friday!
Can you believe its already Nov. 7th!?! This Fall semester has flown by. Jordan and I have been discussing huge issues about our future life together. We have so many things to figure out before next august. One of them is where and when I am going to go to PA school. He has been so precious in doing research for me and giving me the nightly "PA report". Last night, in his report, he discovered that Wake Forest was not going to be as expensive as I had originally thought. Well that boosted my spirits. So now I know I am going to apply to Wingate, ECU and Wake Forest. Being accepted to any of these schools means that we will have to move to another town. SCARY because we have both lived in Alexander County our entire life. It is also exciting to know that we would share the experience together. Please Pray for our discernment and wisdom (and sanity) as we continue to go down this road of making LARGE decisions together.

Side note: I am open ears to any wedding planning advice!!

Happy Friday!
(so excited to go dress shopping with Jennarae tomorrow!)


hGb said...

couple things...
1. Wake Forest is where you need to be! Down here with me that would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
2. I dont even know your wedding date!
3. I have some insider wedding planner ideas for you. I'll shoot you an email.

hGb said...

likin the new look for the blog!