Nov 2, 2008

halloween weekend

Friday was Halloween!
It was so fun to be able to get dressed up and spend time with friends.
We had trick-or-treating in our dorm. A lot of families brought their children to wander our halls and get a ton of candy.

I had candy and made popcorn hands.
this is what our candy setup looked like
I was a prirate and two of my friends dressed up like a bumble bee and a jabberwocky.So Halloween was a success. We ended up in downtown Asheville later that night for dinner at a wonder restaurant called Doc Cheys.

Saturday my momma and sister visited all day. It was wonderful for them to come visit. We spent all day in Asheville shopping around and having a good time together.
We went to AC Moore to get scrapbooking things.

I am going to do a scrapbook for my and Jordan's engagement! I am excited about doing that!

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